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Features of Swing Trader

Portfolio Alerts

With swing trader, you'll get email alerts and instant push notifications for buy/sell recommendations. Whether you are on desktop, android or iOS platforms.

Annoted charts

Full screen charts with daily, weekly and intraday frequencies help you easily identify buy/short zones, profit goal zones, stop loss price, reducing or increasing positions in stocks

CANSLIM Approach

A world-class equity tool based on CANSLIM methodology for short term trading ideas (2 - 14 days) boasting a success rate of 60-65%

Market Analysis

Gives you our daily and weekly analysis of the Indian stock market which gives you an idea as to whether the current market is helping or hurting the growth stocks

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What you get?

  • Stock update on intraday and short term trading from our product “Swing Trader”
  • Long term investment advice from our product “Swing Trader”
  • Advanced Portfolio Analysis to compare your portfolio performance with benchmark indices, sector concentration and much more
  • Free model portfolio and list hot stocks to watch out for

Who can go for it ?

Any investor, a beginner or a pro, can benefit from the swing trade strategies. You get this tool free as a part of the add-on packs, so all you need to do is select the add-on pack that suits your requirements.

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CAN SLIM Methodology is extensively used in Swing Trader

This feature is provided in partnership with Marketsmith India, a Research & advisory company founded by legendary US investor & author William J. O'Neil. 'CAN SLIM' is an acroynm & each letter represents one of the seven major characteristics that Neil identified. He did a comprehensive study of the greatest winning stocks spanning the past 125 years. He then put together a set of common characteristics to these past market leaders and coined the term CAN SLIM.

  • C

    Current Quarterly Earnings

    Look for stocks with big earnings in their latest reported period. The bigger, the better.

  • a

    Annual Earnings Growth

    You want to see annual earnings growth of at least 25% for each of the last 3 years.

  • N

    New Product, Service, Management or Price High

    The biggest CAN SLIM winners had something NEW! New products, ew services, new leadership, new price high or a new condition in the industry.

  • L

    Leader or Laggard

    True leaders are those companies showing the best earnings growth, strongest sales, superior price performance and are in LEADING industry groups.

  • S

    Supply and Demand

    One of the most basic economic principles is the law of supply and demand which is most sharply demonstrated in the stock market.

  • m

    Market Direction

    tudy shows 3 out of 4 stocks follow the market’s trend, so you always want to trade in sync with the market.

  • i

    Institutional Sponsorship

    Mutual funds, banks, and other professional investors are the big players that drive the market.