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Mutual Fund investments

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5 benefits of investing in Mutual Funds with 5paisa

0% Commission

Flat fee saves lacs of ₹ in brokerage

Direct Code Mutual Fund

Investing with no other fee means 1-2% more every year.

5paisa Auto Investor

Customised investment plans based on your financial goals

Handpicked Collections

Choose funds from handpicked collection made by experts 

New Fund Offer

Explore new opportunities to diversify your investment portfolios

Tools to estimate your returns before you invest 

SIP Calculator

To help you calculate the wealth gain and expected returns for your monthly mutual fund SIP

Lumpsum Calculator

To help you calculate the estimated returns on your Lumpsum investment in Mutual Funds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A mutual fund is a pool of money created from the investing public that is managed professionally, usually through AMCs. It is used to buy other securities, more often stocks and bonds.

Mutual Funds are majorly classified into

  1. Fixed Income OR Debt Mutual Funds
  2. Equity Mutual Funds
  3. Hybrid Mutual Funds

5paisa offers direct mutual fund investment at ZERO commission. Apart from the general benefits like -

  • Professional Management
  • Risk reduction via diversification
  • Liquidity
  • Transparency
  • Low Cost
  • Flexibility and
  • A wide range of options to select from


Investing especially in Direct Mutual Funds with 5paisa allows you to save on the expense ratio.

You don’t have to necessarily open a Demat account to buy Mutual Funds. With 5paisa's both Apps – Invest App & 5paisa Mobile Trading App you can easily invest in mutual funds. You can download 5paisa Invest App & Open a MF Account. However, on 5paisa Trading App after opening a demat account you can trade in stocks as well as invest in mutual funds.

 With 5paisa you can open two types of accounts An All-in-one Account & Mutual Fund Account

Both the accounts have basic KYC document requirements like

  • Pan Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank details
  • Signature (in digital form)

Check the entire list of documents required to open an account with 5paisa

Currently, the online facility to update nominee details is not available on 5paisa Platforms.

To update the nominee

  1. 5paisas Download forms section
  2. Download nomination form
  3. Fill in the details
  4. Send it to us at our registered office address

Yes, you have all the rights to stop or cancel your SIP at any given point. You can stop SIP using the following steps:

  1. Go to MF order book
  2. Click on the SIP section
  3. Click on the scheme you wish to stop
  4. Click on Stop SIP
  5. Choose a reason and click on stop SIP