A SIP calculator will calculate the wealth gain and expected returns for your monthly SIP investment in mutual funds. The tool helps you get a rough estimate on the maturity amount for any of your monthly SIP, based on a projected annual return rate.
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Use Investment calculator for fund of your choice

Choose from our top performing funds to start investment

ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund (G)

  • Sectoral / Thematic
  • Very High
  • 3
  • 71.98% 1 Year
  • 21.80% 3 Year
  • 15.40% 5 Year
  • 22745.7 Cr AUM (₹)

Tata Large & Mid Cap Fund - Regular (G)

  • Sectoral / Thematic
  • Very High
  • 3
  • 55.74% 1 Year
  • 23.66% 3 Year
  • 15.06% 5 Year
  • 2690.12 Cr AUM (₹)

Frequently Asked Questions

SIP calculator is a tool that helps you calculate the estimated returns on investment made over a period of time in a Mutual Funds Scheme through the route of SIP.

This calculator gives you potential returns however, the actual returns offered varies scheme to scheme depending on several factors (exit load, expense ratio).

With the help of an SIP calculator, you can

  • Decide the investment amount
  • Identify the tenure to achieve your financial goals
  • Get an estimate of total ROI on a specific tenure


The minimum amount for SIP varies from fund to fund however you can start an SIP as low as 100

You cannot change the amount for existing SIP. You will have to cancel the existing SIP and place a new order to change amount.

You can redeem your SIPs based on free units available. Free units will be visible on your redemption screen. Exit load may be charged based on the funds exit load policy.

Some schemes have a lock-in period. During the lock-in period the units will not be redeemable and will not reflect in free units.

5paisa SIP Calculator is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is enter the amount you wish to enter and your period you want to invest for.

Anyone can invest in SIP mutual funds, as the amount invested can be as low as Rs 500. 


To renew SIP, one needs to fill in a SIP renewal form and submit it on the website.


Using the following steps one can stop SIP:

Go to MF order book >> Click on the SIP section >> Click on the SIP you wish to terminate >> Click on Stop SIP >> Select a reason for the same and click on stop SIP.


Mutual Funds recommended by 5paisa for SIP are Axis Midcap fund and UTI-Flexi Cap fund.


In SIP an individual invests money in a mutual fund scheme at regular intervals whereas in SWP an individual withdraws money from Mutual Fund Scheme at regular intervals. 


The following documents are required for starting a SIP investment.

a) Pan Card

b) Address proof (Aadhar Card)

c) Passport size photograph

d) Cheque book