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Features of developing your trading terminal with 5paisa

Absolutely free

We do not charge any fees for access to the Trading APIs. All our APIs are available free of cost.

Flexible APIs

Flexible JSON based REST API compatible with multiple programming languages

Seamless Access

You can execute orders in real time, monitor your positions, manage your portfolio and much more.

Compatible with multiple languages

Build your own trading platform in your preferred language with 5paisa’s paperless, hassle-free technology at least cost and supported by experts’ customized advice

Developers APIs Explained

What are Trading APIs
What are Trading APIs

Trading APIs are a set of REST APIs which gives you open access to get live market prices, execute orders in real time and manage your orders and positions through your own trading tool.

How do they work?
ow do they work?

You need to have an active Equity trading account with 5paisa to generate the API Authentication keys. You can begin integration of the different trading APIs using the keys. Detailed documentation for each of the APIs are available for reference.

How much do I need to pay?
How much do I need to pay?

5paisa do not charge any fees for access to the Trading APIs. All our APIs are available absolutely free of cost.

What are Trading APIs
ow do they work?
How much do I need to pay?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trading APIs are the tools that help you build automated trading systems. With the help of trading APIs you can create different automated trading strategies and have rule based trading.

To let you get started into the world of algo-trading. To convert your manual trading setup into a completely automated one.

You can first generate api keys from "Get API Keys" section on the "Developer Api Documentation page". With our Developer APIs you can easily place orders , get market data and check reports real-time. Developers APIs solves most of the challenges that you face in making your algo-trading setup.

Our APIs can take 600 order requests/minute and for other APIs it is 50 requests/minute (which can also be increased upon request). 

We have covered usage with sample requests and responses for all our APIs supported with a Postman collection on - Developer Api Documentation. Along with that we also provide ready-made sdk's in more than 5 languages to speed-fast your development experience, at Github Page. That facilitates seamless algorithmic trading experience in India.

5paisa's Developer APIs provide all trading APIs at absolutely free of any charges.

- Automate your trades with custom entry and exit conditions
- "Zero" charges for running your algo system
- Get historical data, market snapshot and live market feeds
- Options strategy module integration for single-line strategy execution code